Awards and Hall Of Fame

Each year, NTRCA takes time to honor the best of the best at our Annual Awards Gala generally held in February.  An Industry Leader and an Associate of the Year are selected by their peers, and contractors are recognized for the outstanding work they have done in the past year with Golden Hammer Awards.  You can see a list of past Industry Leaders and Associate of the Year winners here.  If you would like to nominate someone for this award, please email with your nomination.  

The Golden Hammer Awards Program brings annual recognition to NTRCA contractor and associate members. The winners of the Golden Hammer will be recognized by their peers for their significant contribution to the roofing industry in the following categories:

Outstanding Residential and Commercial Projects: Three awards will be presented in each of these categories.

Outstanding Community Service Projects: Up to six awards will be presented for outstanding community service projects -- three for commercial projects and three for residential projects. 

Outstanding Green Projects: Three awards will be presented for outstanding green projects. In your application you need to clearly state why your project is considered green. We are not defining green. We want to see your innovations to make the world better.

Outstanding Metal or Tile Projects: Three awards will be presented for outstanding metal or tile projects.

Our application deadline was December 13, 2021 -- watch for annoucment of our winners in January 2022. Will honor and recognize everyone on February 19 at the Awards Banquet!


Congratulations to all the Golden Hammer Award Winners. Check out the recap videos below for each category! 

Residential Project Winners: TexCity Roofing, Tice Enterprises, Joe Hall Roofing

Commercial Project Winners: SPS Roofing, Brettco Roofing, Texas Roof Management

Community Service Project Winners: Outback Roofing, KPost Roofing & Waterproofing, PROCO Roofing & Construction

Green Roofing Project Winner: Good Faith Energy

Metal Roofing Project Winners: Classic Superoof, Ramon Roofing, Texas Roof Management

Tile Roofing Project Winners: PROCO Roofing & Construction, Paradigm Roofing, Ramon Roofing


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