NTRCA Members Donate New Roof to Grand Prairie Couple in Need

The North TX Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) will donate the material and labor to build a new roof for a Grand Prairie couple in need on Friday, March 28, 2014. Pictured to the right is the home, waiting for its new NTRCA-donated roof!

Toward the end of 2011, Mrs. Joann Smith, a beloved preschool teacher for ten years at the Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas began having medical issues, with numerous stays in the hospital.  It was determined that black mold in her home, which developed after a tree fell and damaged her roof, was contributing to her breathing problems. Joann and her husband tried to repair the damage to their home as best they could at the time, but the situation worsened, and their home, where they had lived for 35 years, became uninhabitable.   

Soon after, members of the Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church started raising money to rebuild the Smith's home. Congregants were able to collect enough money to begin the process, and the dilapidated home was torn down at the end of 2012. The church continued to raise money for two years. Congregant Sarah Wolff, who spearheaded the efforts, also got a local home builder involved (Deville Custom Homes), to rebuild the Smith’s house. After some delays with permits, the foundation has been poured and framing has been done.

Now, the home needs a roof, and members of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association have stepped up to donate the materials and labor needed to build the Smith’s new roof. The NTRCA team will be roofing the home, located at 822 NE 28th St. in Grand Prairie, on Friday, March 28 (weather permitting).

NTRCA members donating materials and labor to the project include:  ABC Supply Melissa, ABC Supply White Settlement, ER Systems, KPost Company, Polston Sales and Marketing/Ross Manufacturing, Springree Roofing and Restoration, SuperRoofman, TriVAN Roofing and Waterproofing and West End Roofing and Siding. AJ Huckaby, NTRCA president-elect and owner of Springtree Roofing and Restoration is leading the project for NTRCA.

"Community service is a major part of NTRCA's mission," said Karen Vermaire Fox, executive director of NTRCA and owner of Quindigo Management, a Fort Worth-based company that manages trade associations. "After we learned of the Smith’s needs, the NTRCA board unanimously agreed to adopt this project, and we look forward to providing the Smiths a safe, secure, beautiful roof for their new home.”