North Texas Roofing Scam Red Flag #1: Roofer Asks for Money Upfront

When storms hit North Texas, a flood of out-of-town and fly-by-night roofers descend upon the Dallas/Fort Worth area communities hit by storms.

It can be difficult to tell which roofers are legitimate, local, experienced roofing contractors...and who may be a storm chaser or scam artist. Property owners can be assured by selecting a member of the NTRCA. We have stringent membership guidelines and hold our members to high standards.

We also recommend visiting the advice page on our website at for information and a list of questions (in both English and Spanish) that homeowners and commercial building owners should ask any roofing contractor they may be considering -- before signing any documents or handing over any payments.

One red flag to look out for: if a contractor asks for money upfront, that could be the sign of a potential scam. The elderly, in particular, are often targeted by scammers who get payment (partial or in full) upfront and then never return or complete the work. Homeowners should beware of paying anything upfront or making a final payment before a job is complete.

In some cases, a partial payment upfront is not cause for alarm, such as 1) when a partial payment is required for materials, after they have been delivered to the project location and 2) if a special, high-end product is required, such as a specialty type of slate material. If in doubt, do additional research and ask where the supplies will be purchased and follow up directly with the supply house yourself.