Stolen Shingles Alert for Roofing Contractors and Consumers


Roofing supply thefts are on the rise again in North Texas. This problem affects not only roofing and construction companies, but consumers are the ones who ultimately suffer.

As theft losses in the roofing industry increase, roofing costs are driven up. NTRCA recommends that consumers ask potential roofing contractors questions about where their shingles were purchased, especially if the bid is significantly lower than other roofing bids. How and why can a roofing company afford to provide the materials and labor at such a significantly lower price than other companies? 

NTRCA recommends that roofing companies:

1. Do not buy deeply discounted materials from “chop shops” or “discount wholesalers.” 

2. Help educate consumers. Homeowners and businesses are not aware that their roofing materials may be STOLEN goods. Encourage them to ask roofing contractors where they purchased their shingles.

3. Mark your shingles and other materials in any way you can to help police identify your materials.

4. Report your stolen items to the police.

Help put a stop to this crime ring. If it hasn’t affected you yet, it will…

More consumer protection tips and resources for North Texas roofing contractors are available at


Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards in 2014

Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards in 2014

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The following were the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards in fiscal year 2014. 

Below each one, there are two links:


1) A link to the OSHA regulation

2) A link to a related topics page.


  1. Fall protection, construction
  2. Hazard communication standard, general industry
  3. Scaffolding, general requirements, construction
  4. Respiratory protection, general industry
  5. Control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), general industry
  6. Powered industrial trucks, general industry
  7. Electrical wiring methods, general industry
  8. Ladders, construction
  9. Machines, general requirements, general industry
  10. Electrical systems design, general requirements, general industry


For more detailed information, visit Frequently Cited OSHA Standards
Thanks to Greg Walther of Independent Insurance Group for compiling this information.
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