Member Alert: NEW Facebook Feature “See First” Lets Users Take Back Control of Their News Feed

In the earlier days of Facebook, if a user “Liked” a business page, that page’s posts typically showed up in the follower’s news feed. Then Facebook went public…and things changed. Facebook altered their news feed algorithm and introduced advertising for business pages. Businesses then had to advertise (“boost”) their posts in order for them to show up in more than a small percentage of their followers’ news feeds. Compelling, engaging content also became more important than ever — users who engaged the most with a page were more likely (but not guaranteed) to see more of that page’s posts in their news feed.

Now there is a new Facebook feature just introduced in the U.S. called “See First.”

As a Facebook user, it gives you much more control over what you’re seeing in your Facebook news feed by allowing you to prioritize which friends and pages you’d like to see updates from first. No more missing posts from your favorite friends and pages!

As a business owner with a business Facebook page, it gives you an opportunity to ask your followers to “See First” you…getting more of your great content in front of those who want it.

Here’s how it works:

On Your Computer























1) Go to the business or organization’s page you like (such as NTRCA)

2) Go to the box where it says “Liked” with the thumbs up icon

3) Hover over that box and then click “See First” so you’ll be sure to see that page’s posts in your news feed. That’s all!

On Your IOS Device

(note: this feature should be available on Android devices very soon)


1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Facebook iPhone app installed

2. Open the app and click “More” on the bottom right of the screen

3. Scroll down to “Settings” and click “News Feed Preferences”

4. Then, click “Prioritize Who to See First”

5. Finally, click on all friends and pages (like NTRCA) you’d like to see at the top of your feed

Tips to Avoid Hiring a Dishonest Roofing Contractor

Every year – especially during storm season in the greater Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas area – we see more and more companies who are NOT a member of the NTRCA claiming to be a member by putting our logo on their website, marketing brochures and/or yard signs. Why? Because it truly means something to be an NTRCA member: there are zero regulations by the state of Texas for roofing contractors, yet our members must meet strict criteria and adhere to our code of ethics in order to become and remain a member.

We’ve also seen companies claiming to be an accredited member of the BBB and/or an elite level with a major roofing manufacturing when, in fact, they were not.

If a roofing company claims to have a certification or industry membership, conduct a little research to check out their claims before you hire them. If they’re lying about these things, what else are they being dishonest about? You really don’t want to entrust someone like that to repair or reroof your home (no matter what their price is).

Here are some specific tips on how to check out if your roofing contractor’s certification or NTRCA membership claims are true:
1)    If a roofer claims they are a member of the NTRCA, go to and click on Find a Roofer. We update our website daily, so if a contractor is not listed on our website as a member, then they are not a member.
2)    If a roofer claims to have a certification, status or affiliation with a roofing product company (such as CertainTeed, GAF, Johns Manville, Malarkey, Owens Corning, etc.), contact the company directly to check out if their claims are true.
3)    For more consumer awareness information and advice before selecting a roofing contractor, go to or