Social Media Marketing Tips for Members: Is Your Business on Facebook?

Many of us love to hate facebook, but we've noticed a trend among our friends: when they are looking for a service provider, they ask their friends on facebook.
"In the last week alone," says Ronnie Crowley at NTRCA, "I've had friends ask for recommendations for air conditioning companies and plumbers." How and where did they ask her? Via Facebook. Facebook is often used as a way for people to poll friends for companies they've had good experiences with (with no need to pay to be a member of Angie's List). "It's even easier for me to recommend specific companies if they have a Facebook page that I've liked.  I can just tag them or provide a link in my reply! If I didn't know so many great roofers, I know I'd be asking my friends on Facebook for a roofer recommendation when I need one."
Starting a Facebook business page costs you exactly $0. So if you haven't created one, why not? You are missing out on leads.

Need more reasons? Read this article which gives you the Top 10 benefits of a Facebook Business Page with lots of great stats.
Need help to do it?  Facebook has a great help page, and there is more great information here.
Once you have a business page, let know and NTRCA  will like your page from the NTRCA Facebook Page. Remember to like us back!  While you are at it, don't be bashful --  ask your personal friends to like your business page.
One word of caution: your Facebook page isn't going to help you if you don't feed it! You need to make time in your business to update the page and keep it current. You need to give someone the responsibility of responding to comments made on your page. Someone who understands your business (and has good grammar and spelling skills) needs to be responsible for posting on a regular basis. Social Media needs your attention for it to make a difference in your business. And don't make it all about you -- it's called "social" for a reason. Provide tips and valuable information, project photos, videos and more to engage followers and get them liking, sharing and responding to expand your reach.