NTRCA 2015 Community Service Roofing Projects in Fort Worth, Aubrey and Dallas, Texas

NTRCA 2015 Community Service Projects

During 2015, the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association adopted 3 community service projects: 1) for a homeowner in Fort Worth, Texas who was ripped off by a scam artist; 2) for a struggling single mom raising a daughter with brain cancer in Aubrey, Texas and 3) a church in Dallas, Texas.

2015 NTRCA Community Service Project in Fort Worth

Sharon Thompson worked and saved and bought her first home at age 50 – a dream come true for her! Then her home was hit hard in October 2014 by North Texas storms that caused her roof to leak. Unfortunately, she was duped by a roofing scam artist, who ran off with her insurance money…leaving her with a leaky roof that only got worse.

NTRCA learned about Sharon from CBS 11 Consumer Justice Reporter Cristin Severance and adopted Sharon’s home to re-roof in November, 2015 as part of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) community service program.

NTRCA member Brettco Roofing, based in Fort Worth and owned by Holly Green, led the project and generously donated the labor (roof tear-off, re-roof and material disposal labor).

The materials are were generously donated by NTRCA member West End Roofing in Fort Worth and NTRCA Lomanco.

CBS 11 ran a 2-segment story on the project:




2015 NTRCA Community Service Project in Aubrey

A sweet family in need – a single mom and her daughter who has been fighting brain cancer for 16 years (since she was 9) do a lot of service work in their community, despite their own struggles. The roof on their home in Aubrey, Texas had several leaks and continued to get worse. The roof desperately needed replaced, but the homeowner simply couldn’t afford it.

NTRCA members stepped up to help. Wilson Roofing, based in Aubrey and co-owned by Steve and Darlene Wilson, donated the labor for the project. NTRCA members Gulfeagle Supply and GAF donated the materials.




2015 NTRCA Community Service Project for Church in Dallas

Abundant Faith Church in Dallas, Texas, led by Pastor Phillips, had been living with a leaky roof for quite some time. Unable to afford a new roof, the Pastor and his congregation had been praying and searching for a solution. At the urging of one of his congregation members, Mrs. Jordan (NTRCA adopted her roof for its 2012 community service project and re-roofed her leaking home in time for the holidays), Pastor Phillips contacted NTRCA. Members tarped the roof to keep it dry, and then NTRCA members re-roofed the church in mid-December…just in time for a dry and Merry Christmas!

NTRCA member Trinity Roofing and Construction, based in Mansfield, Texas and co-owned by Paul Duncan, donated the labor for the project.

NTRCA members who generously donated supplies included: ABC Supply, Tamko, Chemlink, Interwrap Corp, Mulehide and Lomanco.

NTRCA member Empire Disposal donated their waste disposal services for the project.