When Your Roof Gets Hit By Hail and Needs Tarped -- Next Steps and Tips from NTRCA

If you are one of the many North Texas property owners hit by hail in the recent spring storms, and you have holes in your roof and/or skylights, the road ahead can seem daunting.

The first step is to get your home dried-in as much as possible by getting tarps on your roof. In neighborhoods hit by storms, you will suddenly see a convergence of pickup trucks with ladders, roofing flyers on doorsteps and people knocking on doors to sell you roofing services. In areas hit hard like Wylie, the stores were out of roof tarps and large plastic wrap for windows and automobiles in no time.

What should you do? Who should you trust? How do you get your house dry ASAP before the next round of rain comes?

If you have used a local roofing company you know and trust, give them a call. Let them know if water is coming in your home or not. When storms of this magnitude hit, reputable, local roofing companies get very busy and have to operate in a sort of triage mode, attending to those with water coming in their homes first.

If you don't have a relationship with a local roofing company, visit www.ntrca.com and go to our Find a Roofer page. You can do a search by city. Also, check out our advice on hiring a roofing company at www.ntrca.com/advice and www.ntrca.com/consejos (in Spanish). NTRCA warns all homeowners about scam artists and storm chasers, who prey on people when they're most vulnerable, and offers advice on how to avoid them.

If your home needs tarped ASAP, we warn homeowners to please beware of the difference between signing a contract that authorizes a contractor to put a tarp on ... and sigining a contract for future repairs or a new roof. Read carefully before you sign a contract with contingencies.

The company may knock on the door and promise “free” emergency repairs if a homeowner will sign an agreement or may insist that the homeowner sign an agreement before the contractor inspects the roof. In the fine print, details about the “contract” are written. Don't sign anything without knowing exactly what you're signing, and do your research before you let anyone work on your home!

Click here to learn more about roofing red flags and scams to watch out for.



5 Signs You Need a New Roof

A guest article contributed by NTRCA member Malarkey Roofing Products.

5 signs you need a new roof north texas roofing contractors association ntrcaA solid roof is crucial to the health of your home. Not only will it keep your family safe, but it’s your home’s first line of defense against other serious and costly issues.

Unfortunately, most people don’t think about their roof until something goes awry, like a leak or broken roof shingles. Don’t wait until water comes pouring through your roof!

Here are 5 things to look for that might indicate it is time to repair or replace your roof.

  1. Curling Shingles and Shingle Grits

Inspection can offer insight into the condition of your roof. We recommend looking for curling shingles first.

Shingles can curl in two main ways:

  • Cupping occurs when the roof shingles turn upwards.
  • Clawing happens when the edges stay flat and the middle starts to come up.

Both types of curling are signs of weathering and indicate potential problems or leaks. We encourage you to keep an eye on your rooftop to make sure it’s in tip top shape, especially following a heavy rain or windstorm.

Roof shingles should lie flat against the roof. Cracked shingles are typically a result of wind damage. If you find patches that are cracked, damaged, or buckling, then it may be time to make some repairs.

While you can make repairs and replacement, it’s important to note that architectural roofing shingles will vary in color. It’s just about impossible to get a new shingle to match the color of an old one because the granule colors will change over the years due to weathering. You can keep patching until a bigger issue presents itself, but your roof will look a bit patchy and you may want to consider replacing the entire roof.

While you are inspecting your roof, you may want to look into your gutters or downspouts for shingle grit. Shingle granules in your gutters are a sign that your roof is losing a lot of granules and it may be at the end of its useful life.

  1. Age of Roof Shingles

Check your home improvement records to see how long ago the roof was replaced or re-shingled. Depending on the weather conditions, your roof should last around 20 to 25 years. Knowing when a roof was installed can offer insight into how much life it has left.

  1.  Signs of Water Damage

The first place we recommend looking for water damage is in your attic. Grab a flashlight and climb up under the eaves. Look for beams of light coming through the top of the house or stains and streaks, which are indications of water damage and could signal a leaky roof.

Signs of water damage can also show up on the ceiling and along the walls within your home. Water damage can add up to thousands of dollars in damage. If you do have signs of water damage, it’s important to enlist the help of a roofing professional immediately to prevent further damage.

  1. Roof Shingles Covered with Moss or Algae

When your roof shingles begin to be covered with moss or algae, it can look unsightly. Many homeowners choose to replace their roof because they don’t like the aesthetic. Fortunately, there are many new shingles that are algae resistant.

You may be tempted to power wash your roof or scrape away the green mildew, however, you should resist the temptation. You could damage your architectural roofing shingles and chip off all the granules, which could in turn make your shingles useless. If the algae situation is controllable and you really want to remove them, consider a wash that’s one part bleach and one part water. Zinc strips can also be installed at roof peaks and will eventually eliminate the problem.

  1. Sagging Roof

A droopy or sagging roof is one that definitely needs replacing before further damages occur to your home. Check the surface for signs of moisture or rotting boards in the sagging spots. A sagging roof is a good indication of a structural issue. There could be a problem with the attic or foundation. It’s important to take care of sagging roof problems as soon as possible before they sprout into larger issues.

What If I Need to Replace My Roof?

There are many factors to consider when replacing your home’s roof, including materials, size of the roof, shape and pitch of the roof and cost. Architectural roofing shingles are a bit more expensive than regular asphalt shingles because of their high quality materials and stunning three-dimensional appearance.

Your roof is what keeps you warm and dry. When it’s time to get a new one installed, seek the help of a roofing professional to get the best value out of your investment.


NTRCA Announces 2017 Board, Industry Leader of the Year Award Winner and Associate of the Year Award Winner

The North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA), a regional association for residential and commercial roofing contractors, distributors, manufacturers and associates who maintain the highest industry standards, announces its new 2017 board of directors and the winners of two prestigious annual awards honoring those who have made significant contributions to the roofing industry in North Texas.

During the 2017 NTRCA Awards Banquet, held February 25 at the Perot Museum in Dallas, Texas, winners of the annual "Associate of the Year" and "Industry Leader of the Year" awards were announced and recognized for their significant contributions to the North Texas roofing industry and for their exceptional service. Past winners meet annually to choose each year’s new honorees.

The "Industry Leader of the Year" honor, the association's most prestigious recognition, was awarded to Amy Reeves Perry of Perry and Reeves, LLC. The "Associate of the Year" honor was awarded to Bobby Burke of Roofing Supply Group (RSG).

The 2017 NTRCA board members were also announced during the Awards Banquet. 

The NTRCA board officers for 2017 are:

  • Holly L. Green, owner of Brettco Roofing (president)
  • Charles Cross, Jr., commercial sales at Zenith Roofing (president-elect)
  • Matt Hines, president & CEO of MRB Contractors (past president)
  • Brian Pinder, territory manager at Southern Shingles (treasurer)

Other members of the 2017 NTRCA board of directors are:

  • Gina Aylor, director of operations at Titan Contractors
  • Adam Buttorff, president at Renown Roofing & Construction
  • Sidney Curtis, roofing division manager at Buzz Roofing & Construction
  • Darcy Dierking, territory manager at Beacon Roofing Supply
  • Bo Jackson, sales manager at Owens Corning
  • Kevin Kirkwood, president of SRG Roofing
  • Chad Lacefield, business partner at Venture Roofing Supply
  • Matt Moody, managing partner at ABC Supply
  • Bryan Payne, vice president at Chamberlain Roofing & Waterproofing
  • Chance Payne, steep slope regional sales manager at GAF
  • Tim Rainey, CEO of Supreme Roofing
  • Kirk Scott, owner of Scott Exteriors

Additionally, the following four experts will serve as Ex Officio NTRCA board advisors in 2017:

  • Traci Garner Davis, First Texas Insurance Services - insurance expert
  • Karen Ensley, Cutler Smith, PC  - attorney
  • Paul Ramon, Ramon Roofing - RCAT representative
  • Don Wood, Suncoast Claims – public adjuster

NTRCA 2017 board at awards banquet - "Night at the Museum" at the Perot Museum

“Our 2017 board of directors is committed to excellence and service in the roofing industry, and we are excited to welcome each of them to our organization,” said Karen Vermaire Fox, executive director of NTRCA and owner of Quindigo Management, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based company that manages trade associations. “We look forward to their expertise and dedication in the coming year, as NTRCA continues to be the premier resource for roofing contractors working and doing business in North Texas.”

During the evening, this year’s NTRCA Golden Hammer award winners were also recognized. NTRCA’s annual Golden Hammer Awards recognize outstanding roofing projects completed during the prior year. Entries are judged each year on logistical challenges, quality workmanship, uniqueness, difficulty, time constraints, innovative solutions and safety challenges.

Contractors selected for this year’s Golden Hammer Award for Community Service Projects were: Springtree Roofing & Restoration for their work on the Montgomery Project and Springtree Roofing & Restoration, Energy Roofing Solutions and ER Systems for their teamwork on St. Philip’s Episcopal Church.

Commercial Contractors who won a Golden Hammer Award this year were: Supreme Roofing for its work on the Worthington Renaissance Hotel; KPost Roofing & Waterproofing for its work on the Jim and Sally Nation Hall at DBU; and Texas Roof Management, Inc. for its work on the Old Municipal Building.

Residential Contractors selected to receive a Golden Hammer Award this year were: RJ Construction for its work on the Allsup residence; Pitts Roofing for its work on the Alexander residence; and Bert Roofing, Inc. for its work on the Eiland residence.

Pitts Roofing was also selected to win the 3rd Annual Green Roofing Golden Hammer Award for its work on the Harbison residence.

Sponsors for the 17th Annual NTRCA Awards Banquet included: ABC Supply Co. Inc. (lead sponsor); and specialty sponsors Beacon Roofing, GAF Materials Corporation, Southern Shingles, CertainTeed, Hoch Law Firm, Venture Roofing & Building Supply, IKO, First Texas Insurance Services, Owens Corning, Hunter Panels, Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, Johns Manville, Conley Group, ThermaFoam LLC, Malarkey Roofing Products and Cutler Smith.

Table sponsors for the event were: Beacon Roofing Supply, Brettco Roofing, C-CAP, DTEC, ER Systems, Empire Roofing, Frazier Roofing & Guttering, KPost Roofing & Waterproofing, MRB Contractors, Nations Roof Central LLC, Pitts Roofing, SPEC Building Materials, Springtree Roofing & Restoration, Supreme Roofing, Texas Roof Management, Titan Contractors, RJ Construction and Zenith Roofing.