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NTRCA Member Featured on CBS in Dallas/Fort Worth for Helping Widow Who Was Victim of Roofing Scam

Stacy Cole

NTRCA member Outback Roofing's act of kindness was recently featured on CBS News in Dallas/Fort Worth.
Back in 2012, 87-year-old Louise, an elderly widow, was scammed by a roofing company after her roof sustained severe damage from a storm. She paid $2,500 up front to someone promising to fix her roof for very little cost, and then she never saw them again.  Several months later, she told a friend from Meals on Wheels about what had happened and they connected her with Christoper Crutcher of Outback Roofing. He and his team fixed her roof at no cost, then hired an attorney to investigate the company that took Louise's money in hopes of getting the money back.

Well done, Christoper!  This is a shining example of the quality and professionalism of members of the NTRCA.

To read or watch the full story, click here

In Texas, unlike other states, ANYONE from anywhere with no insurance or credentials can be a roofer...and it's much easier for scam artists to take advantage of elderly people like Louise. A BIG thank you to NTRCA member Outback Roofing LLC and Meals On Wheels, Inc. of Tarrant County for coming to the rescue.

CONSUMERS - before you ever sign a contract or hand over a check, please go to to check out NTRCA's list of tips and questions to ask of any roofing contractor you may be considering.