Careers in Roofing

We Want YOU on our Roofs!

NTRCA is committed to recruiting new talent to the roofing industry and we want YOU to join us.  

To help with this, we have created a Roofing Basics Certification Course we will be offering at least 6 times each year.  Individuals who take this course will acquire knowledge of basic roofing materials, become familiar with the basics of roofing installation, understand common roofing components and articulate roofing knowledge in conversation.  

Upon completion of the course, attendees will be placed in a database so that our over 400 member companies can consider them for hiring. 

NTRCA members are welcome to send their own new hires to this course as well as this is an excellent introduction to the basics. These attendees will not be placed in our database -- that information will remain
privileged to our members.  

Once it is safe for us to meet in person again, we will annouce our next course date.