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911 East McDonald Dr, Pilot Point, TX 76258

(972) 837-9381


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About the Company
AmeriConstruction started seven years ago by two friends, now business partners. Five years into it, Daniel Waite introduced Trevor Vick, now CEO, into this partnership and Trevor dedicated himself to the company with the level of passion as it was his own. Trevor had previously worked in project coordination on the commercial side for a large construction company. AmeriConstruction, before Trevor's addition to the team, serviced mostly residential jobs but had hoped to break in to the commercial market. With Trevor's expertise, this was AmeriConstruction's perfect opportunity. Trevor spearheaded this expansion through his leadership and transparency. Expanding the business to a commercial market was just the start; AmeriConstruction wanted to truly provide the best product, service, and most importantly customer experience. There is a seemingly negative stigma that has surrounded the whole general construction industry, unfortunately, instead of being challenged, it is accepted by the worker and expected by the client. AmeriConstruction refuses to fall into this stigma; this is why we decided to hold ourselves to a higher standard in hopes to raise the bar for the whole industry. We didn't settle. We filled the void. We believe time management, professionalism, appearance, and quality workmanship are crucial to a positive customer experience. The partners believe that there is something to be said in focusing on attention to all of the details and working with precision. We press upon our crews not only, working as a team but showing up as a team. Uniforms are not just for professionalism but rather viewed as yet another safety precaution to keep our crew as safe as possible. We saw a real need for furthering education before ever being placed in the field. We implemented courses and continued education trainings as new products and techniques hit the market. Safety and employee compensation was made to be a real priority for the new AmeriConstruction structure, he believes in the value of hard work and knows the value of loyal employees and the benefits of rewarding the hard work with opportunities for growth within the company. He wanted to be a leader not a boss. and that is exactly what he did. AmeriConstruction is powered by a team of self starters, those who go the extra mile and put everything into our work. Let us help you AmeriConstruct the future.
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