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9536 Tarleton Street, Dallas, TX 75218

(972) 679-4640

Legends Roofing

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About the Company
Legends Roofing is the trusted roofing company that does repairs, replacements and more throughout the Dallas, TX area. Our mission as a residential and commercial roofing company is to produce astonishing results that keep our customers safe from the elements. We can provide style along with functionality and strength in every roof we build. Every roof we repair is further proof that we work with the best team of experienced roofers who keep your best interests in mind at all time. Our team has been together for longer than 15 years, working with commercial enterprises and completing home remodels along with roofing repairs and installation. When we come to work, we look at every piece of the roofing system to determine if our customers have everything they need. Our roofers are honest and carefully inspect every property before we begin work to ensure accuracy and astonishing results. This is why we've become a trusted roofing authority in the Dallas, TX and surrounding areas.
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