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Application Fee: $50

NTRCA is the premier resource for roofing contractors and associates working and doing business in North Texas. To become a member of NTRCA, several guidelines must be met - Membership Guidelines.

Membership Requirements

Please check the boxes below to indicate that your company meets the membership guidelines. If your company does not meet certain guidelines and would like assistance to learn how to meet them, please click here for resource information or contact us at

The company understands that except for non-payment of dues, Members may be removed for cause upon being advised in writing of the proposed action and given a reasonable time and opportunity to defend against for a defense to the motion for removal. Removal shall be on a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors. Upon removal, dues will NOT be refunded.

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Note: If you choose both Residential and Commercial you will have to pay an additional $150.

Recommended By

All membership applicants must be recommended by a current contractor member and by a current associate member. Please provide contact information below for those recommending you:

Contractor Member recommending you:

Associate Member recommending you:

Insurance Documentation

Documentation of License

Associate members whose business is required by state law to have a license must provide a copy of that license when applying for or renewing their membership.

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Membership dues of $300 are due upon membership approval.

Application Fee: $50

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