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If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, roofing can be a battle; and roofers in Dallas / Fort Worth are as plentiful as houses themselves.  Roofing contractors seem to multiply whenever North Texas gets one if it’s hail storms and disappear just as quickly.  So finding a quality roofer can seem like an impossible task. Here at JNT Developers, roofing is our specialty!  Not just something we know how to do.


We work with insurance companies, which helps in taking the hassle out of the process and allowing homeowners the peace of mind in knowing their home and roof are protected for years to come. Whether you are a homeowner who needs residential roof replacement, or an office-building owner who needs commercial roof replacement, we want to provide you with a quote and help you assess the  condition of your roof as soon as possible.


We encourage you to ask us for references.  Our roofers are the finest in the area and our clients are raving fans.  Our numerous reviews on Angie’s lists and our 95 point Beacon score put teeth behind our claims.  We’re a family company, we’re Dallas residents, and we actually love roofing.

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