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Fixing the Roof


​Each year, when our members renew and when a new member joins NTRCA, we ask them to review our Code of Ethics and agree to abide by this code.  We expect our members to take this code seriously and to adhere to the agreements they make. 

  • Our primary profession is that of Roofing Contractor. Our company provides roof-related services on a full-time basis; not just when it is convenient or when a storm has impacted the area.

  • We are insured for roofing and will provide proof of insurance upon request. We will make sure the coverage is in effect throughout your roofing project.

  • We will fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements of applicable jurisdictions and will provide such information upon request.

  • We are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

  • We are dedicated to being professionals in the roofing industry. We will provide evidence of experience via professional accreditation or other such means upon request.

  • We have a local place of business and will provide you with a direct and effective means to contact us.

  • We will provide you with valid warranty information and guarantees in writing on both labor and goods of service.

  • We are willing to provide a list of credit references and customer references, upon request.

  • We will provide you with a detailed, written proposal with complete descriptions of the work, start and completion dates, total cost of the transaction (including tax, shipping and handling, and other related charges), and payment schedule. It will clearly state any restrictions or limitations imposed.  

  • We will provide you with information about the roofing manufacturers with which we are certified to install, upon request. We will install all roofing materials in accordance with the manufacturer’s application instructions and accepted industry standards.

  • We will always offer honest answers and solutions to your concerns. We will conduct ourselves in a proper and courteous manner at all times throughout the job process.

  • We use only professional grade materials; no seconds, stolen or expired products.

  • We will honor our obligations to our customers by correcting mistakes as quickly as possible and will make a good faith effort to resolve disputes.

  • We will protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of customers with regard to the use of their information.

  • We will hold paramount the safety, health, education and welfare of the public and our employees.

  • Each customer's property will receive the utmost care and respect and will be left as clean as we found it.

  • We will comply with all applicable federal, state and municipal laws including the law relating to collecting deductibles.  We will not knowingly present a false or fraudulent invoice for the payment of a loss in connection with an insurance claim. We will not advertise or promise to pay, waive, or rebate a customer’s insurance deductible. We will not knowingly charge an amount for their service that exceeds the usual and customary charge for that service by an amount equal to, or greater than, a customer’s insurance deductible. We will follow the provision in accordance with Section 27.02 of the Texas Business & Commerce Code.

We do have an Ethics Committee that will review violations of the Code of Ethics. Should you feel a company has violated this code, please reach out and we will give a complaint form to submit to the committee.  

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