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2023 NTRCA Clay Shoot Winners and Photos

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The NTRCA Clay Shoot was held on October 20, 2023, at Elm Fork Shooting Sports.

The Winners


1st Place: Team CertainTeed/CMAC - Jason Gamez, Molly Gamez, Sheaffer Lott, Dennis Richards

2nd Place: ABC Supply Waxahachie - Brenson Bristow, David Jones, Hayden Jones, Johnston Jones

Top Shooter: Sheaffer Lott, CMAC -- 98

Top Female Shooter: Molly Gamez -- 96


1st Place: Team SRS - Shannon Proffitt, Justin Sisco, James McKinney

2nd Place: Team ABC Supply Payne/Springtree - Austin Huber, Jacob Munzo, Jase Adams, James Huckaby

Top Shooter: James McKinney -- 94

Top Female Shooter: Holly Green, Brettco


1st Place: Team Anchor Roofing Systems - Shane Hesters, Cole Reeder, Renee Gale, Curt Crawford

The Sponsors

Thank you to all of the sponsors!

Photos From The Day


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