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Lunch & Learn: Fortified Standards - What's Blowing in from the Gulf Coast States

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

IBHS has created a program that is gaining traction across the Gulf Coast states and is likely working its way to North Texas. Fortified buildings and homes go beyond code to be "fortified" against storm damage. Florida, Alabama and Louisiana have implemented some parts of the program at the state level. It's likely working its way to Texas, so get informed now on what the program is.

Hear from the following:

  • Darren Williams, Integribuilt, on why he is going through the Fortified training process

  • Sean Seymour, IKO, on his experience from the manufacturer's side

  • Mark Zehnal, IBHS, on what the program is and why they want you to be informed

$40 for members. $50 for nonmembers. In person and online.

Lunch is included in person. 2 CE credits.

Special thanks to BITEC for sponsoring this Lunch & Learn!


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