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Golden Hammer Myth Busters

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Unsure if you should apply for an NTRCA Golden Hammer Award? Today, we're busting 6 Common Myths about them!

  1. “My company is too small to apply.” FALSE! Companies of all sizes win ... and you can't win if you don't apply!

  2. “My projects aren't "sexy" enough.” FALSE! All projects have their own unique challenges and appeal.

  3. “The same people win each year.” FALSE! Many of our winners take the time to apply every year ... and if you don't apply, you can't win.

  4. “I probably won't win anyway.” FALSE! You'll never know if you don't apply.

  5. “I don't have time to apply.” FALSE! Applying is fairly simple and doesn't take a lot of time.

  6. “It's too expensive to apply.” FALSE! Unlike many professional association awards, NTRCA's Golden Hammer awards are still free to apply!

Ready to apply? Submit your application here (click inside the box below and scroll down). Applications are due December 12, 2022 and winners will be recognized on February 25 at the NTRCA Award's Banquet.


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