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Heat Safety 2023

It is hot out! Take precautions to protect crews against the heat. Check out Kyle Davis, SuperRoofman, as he shares what he's doing to keep crews safe.

CBS 11 added in some helpful information -- you can can check that out below.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram shares that the OSHA's General Duty Clause states that "Every employer is required to provide safe and healthful working conditions for their employees..., which include [protecting against] working conditions that lead to heat illness."

This 30-minute video of John Kenney gives roofing contractors and crews alike great reminders on how and why to stay healthy and hydrated when working in this extreme heat.

Here is a flyer from OSHA you can click on to download and share. Those who are new to the industry are the most likely to be effected by heat exhaustion and heat strokes. If you see a new crew member working with your crews, be sure they all know what to watch for and how to protect themselves and each other from this heat!


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