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It's Time for Golden Hammer Awards -- You Can't Win if You Don't Apply

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It is now time to submit your project for the Golden Hammer Awards which will be awarded at the Annual Awards Banquet on February 25.

The Golden Hammer Awards Program brings annual recognition to NTRCA contractors and associate members. We are looking for projects that are unique in nature, have a difficult component to them, or are a project you are most proud of completing. The winners of the Golden Hammer are recognized by their peers for their significant contribution to the roofing industry in the following categories:

Outstanding Residential & Commercial Projects

Three awards will be presented for outstanding residential projects and three for outstanding commercial projects.

Outstanding Community Service Projects

Up to six awards will be presented for outstanding community service projects -- three for commercial projects and three for residential projects.

Outstanding Metal or Tile Projects

Three awards are presented for outstanding metal projects and three are presented for outstanding tile projects.

Outstanding Green Projects

Three awards will be presented for outstanding green projects. Applications need to clearly state why the project is considered green as we are looking to see how the project makes the world a better place.

The application deadline is December 12, 2022.

Click on the application below and then scroll down.


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