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Roof Construction

Golden Hammer Winners

NTRCA Golden Hammer Logo

The Golden Hammer Awards Program brings annual recognition to NTRCA contractor and associate members. NTRCA members will be recognized for their significant contributions to the roofing industry at the annual Awards Banquet.


  1. The project must have been completed in 2024 to be eligible for entry.

  2. The application must be completed by a Contractor Member of NTRCA. Associate members are welcome to assist with the application.

  3. The NTRCA Contractor Member applying for the award must be a current member of NTRCA. They must also hold the warranty for the labor on the project. 

Read through this information and gather everything together before you start on the application. 

Choose the appropriate category for your project:

  • Outstanding Residential Project (Shingles or Synthetic, not Metal or Tile)

  • Outstanding Commercial Project

  • Outstanding Community Service Projects

  • Outstanding Metal Project (Metal or Stone-coated Steel)

  • Outstanding Tile Project (Slate, Clay or Concrete)

  • Innovation in Roofing (Green, Turret, combined materials)

What Happens to Entries?

  1. Entries are screened to verify eligibility.

  2. Recognized industry experts serve as judges and evaluate each entry.  Want to see the judging rubric -- CLICK HERE

  3. The highest-ranking entries in each category will determine the winners of the Golden Hammer Awards.

  4. The decisions of the judges are final, and scores for individual entries will not be disclosed.

  5. Failure to follow application guidelines can lead to disqualification. 


  1. Gather all your information before starting. Consider typing your information in a document before you start.

  2. Open the application window and finish the entire application all at once -- if you have to walk away from the application, leave the window open to come back later.  Or click submit and then follow up with to add what you forgot.

  3. Check out the Judging Rubric

 Winners from 2023

Click on the graphic below to learn more about the winners recognized at the 2023 Awards Banquet.

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