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April 10 Lunch and Learn










Join David Steel as he gives some basic tips on using social media to find, attract and convert customers online at the Lunch and Learn. 

** Note: David will be staying to go more in-depth to give you working strategies and tools to use social media and your website. Click here for more details. 

April 10 - ELEVATE Training -- Find, Attract, Convert Customers Online

David Steel, Chief Viral Officer at Sneeze.It will engage our members in how to use social media accounts to find, attract and convert customers online. 

Click Play for a Message from David:

Topics Covered:

  • What you don’t know about social media and absolutely must to succeed.  

•  Learn how to create a social media strategy that will blow away your competitors.

•  What you need to know about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

•  How to hack social media platforms and use that data to find your perfect customer.

•  Get ahead of your industry and dominate the new mobile landscape.

•  How to create content that will engage your audience across multiple platforms.

•  Building trust to move leads from cold to hot.

•  Converting prospects into customers on their own terms.

•  Develop a digital sales process that leaves absolutely nothing to chance.

•  And much, much more.

April 23 - ELEVATE Training - Conflict Management

Workplace conflict can include conflict that occurs both within the workplace, dealing with co-workers and leaders, as well as conflict interactions that occur with external customers and partners.  Workplace conflict has been known to interfere significantly with productivity, morale, the quality of services offered and the bottom line.  This interactive workshop will create awareness about the human and financial costs of workplace conflict, and teach participants how to develop a conflict competent approach to leadership. 

Learn How to: 

  • Identify various styles of conflict and learn strategies on how to adapt communication patterns to work with different styles.
  • Increase emotional intelligence competencies so that conflict can be effectively prevented and de-escalated.
  • Utilize strategies to create a more collaborative environment and negotiate more effectively in a way that the interests of all parties are addressed.


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