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Have Damage on Your Roof?

Whether a tornado or the 70+ mph winds hit your property, a lot of North Texas roofs were damaged last night. If yours was one of them, check out these tips on what to do.

Not sure where to start? Follow these steps and learn more at

ASSESS YOUR DAMAGE - See shingles in the yard or "bald spots" on the roof? Have a leak inside the house that wasn't there before the storm? Every other property on your street have concerns on their roofs? You might have damage that needs attention.

TARP THE ROOF - If your roof is leaking, find a contractor who can put a tarp over it -- but beware of signing a contract for a tarp vs. a contract for future repairs/replacements.

CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY - Take the time to read your policy, understand your deductible, the depreciation of the roof, and what you will be responsible for paying. NOTE: Texas law requires you to pay the deductible as listed in your insurance policy. Be prepared to submit proof of payment to your insurance provider.

DO YOUR RESEARCH - Know what's on your roof, and who you hire to work on it. Check out more resources at

UNDERSTAND INSURANCE FRAUD - Make sure you're not committing deductible fraud. Waiving, "eating," and "covering" a deductible is against Texas law and Class B misdemeanor. It's also insurance fraud which can cost you a whole lot more than just paying the deductible would.

SELECT YOUR CONTRACTOR - Get more than one bid. Be sure you're comparing apples to apples. Check here for more signs of a good contractor.

READ YOUR CONTRACT - Know what you're getting and be sure your comfortable with what you're signing.



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